Second Life

My Dark Paradise

Hello guys!
Can’t believe I’m blogging again, it’s crazy. I spent more than a year away from Second Life, I’m kinda glad I did it, lots of things happened in my real life, and now I believe each day I’m closer to reach my goals. By the time I left Second Life and my blog in 2012 I was feeling really down. I came to a point I felt my blog was like a Second Job, and it wasn’t making me happy at all. Perhaps the numbers became more important than the fun, Freebie but Fashion used to have about 1k views per day, maybe it was too much for me, too much attention, lol!
The name of my new blog was inspired by Lana Del Rey’s song “Dark Paradise”, one of my favorite songs ever. My goal is to create looks that I wear or I’d wear in RL and I’m not blogging freebies anymore. I’m not looking for sponsors, I’ll blog only the things I buy. I don’t know how often I’ll be able to blog, because I’m really busy in RL at the moment. Of course, now I’m on vacation because of Christmas and New Year’s Eve, but it won’t last long. I hope you guys enjoy my “new” style and my new blog, it’s going to be a reflection of my RL and I’m very excited about it. :3




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