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No puedo pedirle lo eterno a un simple mortal

Hello guys!

Today I’m wearing these sexy shorts and top by EVANI, a denim jacket by Emery and lots of accessories, omg.  I’m in love with these boho rings (gacha-gacha) made by EVANI that will be able to find at Whimsical very soon, they  look so lovely! I also got new tattoos made by PICHI, I really wanted to get hand tattoos and I think these look so cool.


On Grace: Fiore’s contoured mesh head | Mandala’s taper ears | Little Bones’ Gem hair (Collabor88) | DDL’s Maybe I’m Amazed bag | AMAYA’s Lulwah bindi | 1992’s Strappy sandals | Emery’s Denim jacket | LAZYBONES’ Spike choker (The Chapter Four gift) | ÉCLAT’s sunglasses | PICHI’s hand tattoo (The Dark Style Fair 3) | Liquence’s flower crown | EVANI’s Liza top and shorts (Très Chic) | EVANI’s Boho rings gacha (Whimsical).

Photographed at HAIKEI’s make you feel gacha {4} (Kustom9)
Fashion Editor: GraceOMalley Resident

Photographed by GraceOMalley Resident, Dark Paradise, May 2016.


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