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Life in Plastic

Vita by Little Bones is such a glamorous wig it made me channel my inner Barbie girl. Today I’m wearing a robe by Tres Blah and high heels by Momento (next Kustom9 round).


Fiore’s contoured mesh head, Little Bones’ Vita wig (The Arcade), Yummy’s Layered Chain Choker, Yummy’s Princess Septum (The Arcade), Floorplan‘s Madame coffee, Tres Blah‘s Joy robe (The Arcade),  Imbue’s Sternum tattoo, ECLAT’s sunglasses, Momento‘s high heels (Kustom9).

Photographed at RAMA’s Fruity Pink Cactus
Fashion Editor: GraceOMalley Resident

Photographed by GraceOMalley Resident, Dark Paradise, June 2016.


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