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Tropical Summer Fair Blogger Contest – 2016

I’ve been really busy lately and I still have many amazing items from The Tropical Summer Fair 2016 to show you guys! Today I’m wearing a sexy swimsuit by Pervette, a glamorous bikini top and body chains by Mon Cheri.  I’m in love with Pinneaple Sandals by G&D.

trop summer contest2

Fiore’s contoured mesh head, Little Bones’ Tonic hair, Emery’s Denim jacket, ECLAT’s sunglasses and choker. PerveTTe’s S.O. Sexy black swuimsuit (Tropical Summer Fair 2016), Izzie’s Pineapple ring and Tropical bracelet (Tropical Summer Fair 2016).

trop summer contest3

Fiore’s contoured mesh head, Mandala’s taper ears, =DeLa*=’s Elise wig (Tropical Summer Fair 2016), Villena’s Mom jeans, Mon Cheri’s Vegas Bikini top (Tropical Summer Fair 2016), Mon Cheri’s Twisted body chain (Tropical Summer Fair 2016) and G&D’s Pineapple sandals (Tropical Summer Fair 2016).

Photographed at ROWNE’s Venice
Fashion Editor: GraceOMalley Resident

Photographed by GraceOMalley Resident, Dark Paradise, June 2016.


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